Defiant07 Swap Init.d Script – Improve RAM Performance on Your Android Device

Hello to all Androidders. Now I will share one of legendary init.d script called “Defiant07 swap script”. What? Don’t know what is init.d yet? Then read about init.d on this post.

Defiant07 Swap init.d script is basically an init.d script to tweak Android RAM behavior and values. It is very helpful especially for Android devices which have only a small amount of RAM, say 1GB or below. Defiant07 init.d script is able to add a swap RAM to support the RAM jobs, setting the swappiness, minfree values, etc.

Personally I was use RAM SWAP and disable the zram to increase the performance on my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone. The phone is a deprecated one, as it only have 512MB of RAM and powered by only 1.2GHz singlecore processor. It is proven (at least for that phone) it can reduce lag and improve multitasking ability.

Before I know Defiant07 init.d swap script, I was using RAM Manager Pro app to make RAM swap. But later I switch using Defiant07 init.d swap script because it can send the swap RAM command directly to system without any additional app running so it don’t need any additional RAM and CPU anymore. I was use it on my Android smartphone running CyanogenMod 13 (6.0 Marshmallow) and the results is satisfied for me.

There are 2 methods to do swap RAM on our Android device using Defiant07 script. Both of them will require us running the script command to set and will create an init.d scripts. One option via script manager app, and the other one is via terminal emulator. Choose the one that suits you.


defiant07 swap script command terminal emulator

screenshot ram and swap diskinfo app

Installations of Defiant07 swap script

Via Terminal Emulator (Flashable)

Requirements & tools:


  1. Flash the Defiant07 swap it on zip file through recovery, reboot your Android device.
  2. Open Terminal Emulator app, type: su, enter, then type: swapit, enter.
  3. Follow the instruction to create setup for your swap and RAM setting preferences.

Via Script Manager (Non flashable)



  1. Download and extract the Defiant07 swap zip file for Script Manager method, inside it you will find the script file which you must running using Script Manager app.
  2. Open the Script Manager app, locate the script you just extracted before, and make sure to run it on root mode.
  3. Follow the instruction to create setup for your swap and RAM setting preferences.

Optional steps, disable the zram

This is just based on my experience that if the zram is not disabled, the swap RAM is likely untouched and useless. Also by disabling the zram, it will reduce lag on your Android device as zram working by compressing block of ram, it will consume cpu resource.

To use it just download the init.d script disable zram I gave above, and place the init.d script disable zram on /system/etc/init.d/ directory. Then set the permission (chmod) to -rwxrwxrwx (777).

Now after all is done, you can reboot your Android device. You can check how the swap status on your Android device using disk monitoring app like Disk Info.apk.

Check out the original thread by Defiant07 at XDA Forum.

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