7 Best Free CyanogenMod 12 (CM12) ROM Themes

Indotechboy — Okay, on the previous post I have shared the most cool themes for CM11 ROM. Now, let’s proceed for CyanogenMod 12.1 or CM12.1 ROM. Again, this is just my personal taste. So you may agree with me or even againts it as you have your own versions of cool themes for CM12 ROM.

Without further a do, here it is the 7 best free theme packs for CyanogenMod 12 / CM12 ROM. Anyway, the CyanogenMod 12 (CM12) and CyanogenMod 12.1 (CM12.1) ROM is just same on the surface, so theme created for CM12 will work on CM12.1 and so the opposites.

1. Galaxy S7 by WSDevelopers

First of all, here is a nice CyanogenMod 12 ROM theme to change your Android device display into the hottest smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7. You will get icons, wallpaper, ringtones, and boot animation just like the expensive Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7. Included in this theme pack: Wallpaper, lock wallpaper, icons, font, status bar, sounds, and boot animation.

galaxy s7 homescreen cm12 theme
galaxy s7 overall screenshot cm12 theme

2. DEEP DARKNESS by Manuel Moellmann

Boring with shining light color of Android Lollipop? Then you may give this theme a shot in your CM12 ROM Android device. The combination of dark colour and the glowing icon is so calming to eyes. You can even tweak the colours with “Arcus” app. Included in this theme pack: Wallpaper, lock wallpaper, icons, font, status bar, and sounds.

deep darkness homescreen cm12 theme
deep darkness overall screenshot cm12 theme

3. MIOS THEME by huunam0241

Now come a theme that will bring iOS / Iphone to your CM12 ROM Android device. With the the wallpaper, icon, ringtones, boot animation, will surely change your Android phone into an iOS :v . Included in this the pack: Wallpaper, lock wallpaper, icons, font, status bar, sounds, and boot animation.

mios theme homescreen cm12 theme
mios theme overall screenshot cm12 theme

4. MIUI V7 by WSDevelopers

Still from WSDevelopers, another replica theme inspired by MIUI ROM. This theme pack will turn your 12 ROM Android device into Xiaomi styles with all the element like wallpaper, icons, ringtones, boot animation, etc. Included in this theme pack: Wallpaper, lock wallpaper, icons, font, status bar, sounds, and boot animation.

miui v7 homescreen cm12 theme
miui v7 overall screenshot cm12 theme

5. MaterialOS by MaterialOS (?)

It’s so rare having developer name same with the app name :v . This one CM12 theme is an open source theme, and maybe because that this theme is looking so nicely as many people might have contribute to it’s development. There are no other words except fantastic! Included in this theme pack: Wallpaper, lock wallpaper, icons, status bar, and boot animation.

materialos homescreen cm12 theme
materialos overall screenshot cm12 theme

6. Milos UI by Zyxxeil

“Harmony between light and darkness,… errr i mean between light colour and dark colour” :v . That is this CM12 the theme slogan, and it does have it. The dark main theme with some right choosen of shining light colour does make this theme unique and great. Included in this thene pack: Wallpaper, lock wallpaper, status bar, font, sounds, and icons.

milos ui homescreen cm12 theme
milos ui overall screenshot cm12 theme

7. Stay Stock by Sanjay Varun

Now for the last one of our best CM12 ROM theme list, is Stay Stock with it’s combination of dark and green (or teal) while keeping the original of Android Lollipop styles. This theme is good for you who like stock colors but want different side. This theme also re-theming many apps on it works. Included in this theme pack: Wallpaper, lock wallpaper, font, status bar, and sounds.

stay stock homescreen cm12 theme
stay stock overall screenshot cm12 theme

Install the CyanogenMod 12 theme pack just like other normal APK.

Please be aware that some of the themes are still on development progress too, so maybe there are little bugs (but from those I shared above, I have tried all the theme packs using an Unofficial CM12.1 ROM on my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone and all good without problem). Because the CM12 ROM’s is still not too depcrecated until now, so there will may be new themes out created by new developers in the future.

To change your Android device theme with CyanogenMod 12.x ROM installed, go to “Settings” → “Themes” and apply the theme pack as you like.

* Screenshot and display may differ due to different phone model, screen resolution, and screen DPI density setting.

The CyanogenMod 12 theme pack is available on Playstore, rate it and give it nice comment if you like them.

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