How to Remove Unwanted Bloatware / System Applications from Your Android Device

Indotechboy — If you just have bought an Android device then you may realized that it already have many preinstalled application on it, right? Do we have a same thought? Yeah, many of the preinstalled Android application is unnecessary for us, and their existence is just annoying because will make our Android device slower as most of them will run on the background and eat the Random Access Memory (RAM). Then the annoying or unwanted system applications also referred as “Bloatware”.

Say some example of unwanted annoying (for me) Bloatware preinstalled on my Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone is LINE, Google Play Books, Google play Music, Google+, etc. So I just want to get rid of them as they make my phone slower! It’s my phone anyway so I can do anything to it! So on this post, I will share a simple way to remove or delete system application / bloatware from your Android device.

Deleting or removing unnecessary bloatware from your Android device also have some benefits like adding more empty space in the internal storage (device storage) so we can install more apps, more free space in the system partition, save RAM space to increase our Android device performance, and many more.

Remaining system applications on my Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone.

Identify which system application / bloatware that safe to be deleted from your Android device

Actually we can identify which system applications that REALLY-REALLY SAFE to be removed or uninstalled by doing two simple test:

  1. The app is able to be frozen or deactivated or disabled in Setting -> Application manager.
  2. The app is available at Google Play Store, it can be downloaded and the app version can be updated.

Here is some bloatware or default system application that I confirmed safe to be deleted or uninstalled in Android device (tested on Samsung Galaxy V Android phone):

  1. Chat On
  2. Chrome / Google chrome
  3. Drive / Google drive
  4. Gmail
  5. Google+
  6. Google Play Film
  7. Google Play Game
  8. Google Play Kiosk / Magazine
  9. Google Play Music
  10. Google Photo (Picasa) / Photo
  11. Google Search / Google
  12. Hangouts
  13. Line
  14. Maps / Google maps
  15. Google Text-to-speech Engine
  16. Samsung Apps
  17. Youtube

Requirements and tool:

Steps how to delete or uninstall the bloatware or default factory app using Link2SD app

  1. First, we must disable or freeze the targetted system application. Go to menu Settings -> Application manager -> All application. Find the targetted app and tap on it and then tap on Disable or Freeze (or whatever it calls on your Android device).
  2. Open the Link2SD app, then open the filter menu by tapping the top icon, and then filter the apps to Frozen.
  3. Okay, now just tap and hold on the app you want to delete and then it will appear a menu. Choose Uninstall to delete or remove the app from your Android device for good. link2sd delete app
  4. Restart / reboot your Android device.

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