Disable Application Signature Verification using Lucky Patcher App on Android

Indotechboy — Are you not a fan of Google Play Store and often prefer to download and install Android application you need from external websites and blogs?

Then have you experience a problem when trying to install the APK’s, then the result is “application not installed”? It could be that the problem is not came from the APK file, but because the signature verification conflict.

This problem would come from an apk file if it is not the same original APK extracted from Play Store source. If the application APK file has been modified, the signature verification will failed you from installing it.

Or when you trying to install an apk with older version than the installed one, the installation will also may fail.

Even though maybe there are event where the modded APK file could be succesfully installed, it will give unexpected result when you launch it like “stopped working” or crashed.

Quoted from XDA developers:

“If you obtain an APK from outside of the Google Play Store and attempt to install it as an update to your currently installed app (read: same package name), the OS will attempt to validate the application’s certificate to make sure that it came from the same initial developers.

If the certificate matches, the application install will proceed as planned, your application will retain its existing data, and all is gravy. If the signature is not valid (indicating that the APK has been tampered) or if the certificate does not match that of the original app, the installation will fail.”

Now here is an easy workaround to “force” the Android application / apk with different signature to be able to installed in our Android device, using Lucky Pathcer Android app.


Screenshot application not installed

Steps to solve “application not installed” caused by signature verification problem on Android

FIRST METHOD (if you have Xposed installed on your Android device)

This first method is safer than the second method below, and will reduce the chance of brick of our Android device system, but it is requires Xposed Framework installed on your Android device.

You must already Install the Xposed Framework and activate the “Lucky Patcher +” module in Xposed.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher.
  2. Tap on Toolbox -> Xposed settings.
  3. Check the Disable .apk signature verification and Disable signature verification in the package manager.
  4. Apply changes, done.

SECOND METHOD (do some patch to our Android device system)

  1. Open Lucky Pather.
  2. Tap on Toolbox -> Patch to android.
  3. Check the Disable .apk signature verification, then apply changes. After this maybe your Android device will reboot automatically. If your Android device not reboot automatically, continue to the next step.
  4. Still in the Patch to Android menu, check the Disable signature verification in the package manager. Apply changes, and done! (May reboot automatically).

If after you have applied the above tutorial but the application is still gave same result: “App not installed”, then the problem maybe is not come from the apk signature. Maybe the apk file itself is really corrupt either the app is not supported in your currrently Android Operating System version.

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