What is Root on Android and Why We Still Need it

Indotechboy — Ah, root root root. Root is the first phrase I want to learn when I was get my first Android smartphone. Because the people on the Android entusiast ground always talk it. When I read about an amazing Android app it must said “oh, it need root”, and when I read about a usefull Android tutorial it also said “You need a root”.

So what is root mean for our Android device? Root means it can unlock the full potential of your Android device. Hidden features, hacking some app, want to add or remove something from your Android device system , it’s all possible with root access on your hand. Because rooting your Android device is a way to unlock the system, removing all barrier, restriction, and protection. So we have a full controll of our Android device.

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Negative effect of a rooted device
Did I said removing protection? Yes, because if root is done on an Android device system it also open possibilities for bad applications or malware app to misused it. But I think it’s not a big problem anyway. If we decide to root our Android device so at the same times we also had decided to face this kind of problem , don’t we? Just make sure we must extra carefull to use a rooted Android device especially when trying to install an application or decide to doing important and private bussiness.

Rooting our Android device is also void it’s warranty. Of course it will, ’cause the manufacturer will say “I don’t want to fix it, whose fault at first to hack it”. Most warranty of electronics like phone come with requirement that the broken is come from the fault of producing process. So “the broken is caused because I simply hack it”, is not counted into warranty I think.

Benefits from a rooted device
Why we still need root this day? There are lots of reason why people still want to root their Android device, even on modern Android version like Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat. Well as for me, I was decide to root my first Android device Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ because I want to install a custom recovery so I can install a custom ROM on the phone. Here is usually the main reasons why we want to root our Android device:

  • Increasing device performance.
  • Boring already with his Android device and want to change it.
  • Get paid Android application or paid features on applications one for free.
  • Want to upgrade Android versions but the device manufacturer not provide the update.
  • ”I AM A MODDER, and I just want to mod it and play with it YEAHHHHHHH!!!!1”

Root and SuperUser / SuperSU application

Because the powerful of root, so there is some way to at least it controll it so the malware applications cannot tresspasing our Android device so easily, and it is the job of SuperUser / Supersu application.SuperSu or SuperUser application is usually come with the rooting method we use. Ah, but it is same anyway, so what if we can controll root permission very well so the malware applications cannot pass through if the culprit then is the SuperSu app itself. So make extra careful when choosing root method / SuperUser app is the first job wwe must do.

Rooting Android device without PC / computer

So, are you now already decided to root your Android device? Now what you should do is searching the right method that compatible with your Android device version and system. Search, ask, or join communities where other same users of your Android device is gathered. As for my experience, I just trying method to root my Android device without PC by using Android application only. Here are the two Android applications that worked to root my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone directly on the fly just as simple as “tap and done”:

Now we have talked all about Root, the benefits, and the negative effect may come to us. Again and again, it,s back to us to decide. But I think it’s alright to root our Android device, I mean we have spend our precious money to bought it so we can do anything what we like right?

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