CyanogenMod 13 (CM13) – Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Custom ROM

Indotechboy — Now let’s take our beloved Samsung Galaxy V SM-G3131HZ to the grand final, that is Android 6.0 Marshmallow :v . Out there, there are even more Android smartphone with better specs that have not “tasted” yet the CyanogenMod 13 / Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it already available for this little device. For a moment, this phone feel like a luckiest phone in the world 😀 .

CyanogenMod is a custom ROM’s (firmware) project based on Android Open Source Project ROM’s, with extra contribution from the Android community. It is designed to increase performance and more prioritize to functionality and reliability.

This CyanogenMod 13 / CM13 ROM for Samsung Galaxy V vivalto3gvn (SM-G313HZ / SM-G313H / SM-G313ML) still developed by the same developer who bring CM11 and CM12.1, doesntexist@XDA and ngoquang2708@XDA, so give thanks and big applause to them.


Cyanogenmod 13 homescreen custom rom samsung galaxy v sm-g313hz
Cyanogenmod 13 ram screenshot custom rom samsung galaxy v sm-g313hz
Cyanogenmod 13 overall screenshot custom rom samsung galaxy v sm-g313hz

CyanogenMod 13 (CM 13) ROM for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ info

ROM title CyanogenMod 13 (CM 13)
main contributors doesntexits@XDA, ngoquang2708@XDA
source / thread XDA Forum
ROM OS version Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
target device SM-G313HZ, SM-G313H, SM-G313ML
download link CyanogenMod 13 ROM zip file
• STABLE 1 (+- 323 MB)

Google Apps for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
download: PICO GAPPS 6.0 24/10/16 (115 MB)

Steps how to install CyanogenMod 13 (CM 13) ROM for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

  1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android smartphone and go into recovery mode
  2. Do a full wipe. Go to “Wipe” -> “Advance wipe”. Wipe (tick) the:
    dalvik / art
    internal storage
    Swipe to confirm wipe.
  3. Installing the ROM. Go to Install, find where you save the CM13 for Samsung Galaxy V ROM, install the zip file of CM13 / CyanogenMod 13 ROM and wait until done.
  4. [Optional] After the ROM is finish installed, optionally install Google Apps. Pico GAPPS is recommended as it is very simple so it’s suitable for our little Samsung Galaxy V device. You can find it at or IF AND ONLY IF you confuse, you can download it from the link i gave at the download link section above. After all are already installed, do “wipe dalvik cache”.
  5. Finally, reboot your Samsung Galaxy V Android smartphone. Caution! This first boot process may will take very-very loooooooong time (maybe it take about 20 minutes or more), so a cup of coffee is also recommended 🙂 .

CyanogenMod 13 (CM13) custom ROM installation video on Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Known bugs:
– FM radio is unusable.

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