Nemoid v1 Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Custom ROM

Indotechboy — Here it is another stock-based (modded) custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ, Nemoid. Nemoid is a theme-inspired ROM from Android Lollipop style. I don’t know much about the author, so if you want to know more about the author / developer please visit the source link I gave below.

nemoid v 1 custom rom samsung galaxy v sm-g313hz


Nemoid v1 custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ info

ROM title Nemoid ROM v1
Features – Rooted
– Deodexed
– Disabled signature apps
– Android lollipop Theme (Wanna Be)
– AOKP weather on lockscreen
– Custom drawer (left and right)
– Contextual statusbar header
– Circle RAM
– Screenshot button on custom drawer
– Profile UI on custom drawer
– Remodified lockscreen layout
– AOKP performance Control
– Ram progress bar
– Notification background settings
– Custom clock style
– Battery bar
– 13 battery style
– Network speed meter (Thinking bridge and ChaOS)
– Network traffic (Carbon rom style)
– App circle sidebar
– Mi-POP
– Lollipop platlogo
– Multiwindow sidebar
– Omni switch
– Custom boot animation
– Google camera, gallery and deskclock
– Bloatware removed
– Fix external storage
– Heads up notification
– Explore by yourself …
Source / thread GalaxyVarchive Blog
Size +- 287 Mb
Download link Nemoid ROM

According to the ROM info, Nemoid is take from NEed MOre IDea. Don’t ask me about the reason of the ROM naming because I am not the developer :v .

Nemoid is one of the oldest custom ROM ever created for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone. This ROM is another stock-based modded ROM with addition of so many features and themed to be Android Lollipop look-a-like.

How to install Nemoid v1 custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

!!! Highly recommended to install from fresh (unmodded) stock ROM !!

Installation example via CWM recovery:

  1. Download the Nemoid v1 ROM zip file and save it to your SdCard.
  2. Put your Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone into recovery mode.
  3. Just straight choose “Install zip” -> “choose zip from sdcard”, find where you save the Nemoid v1 ROM zip file and choose it to install it.
  4. After done, do “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache” (advance -> wipe dalvik cache).
  5. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy V Android smartphone.

Some recognized bugs on Nemoid v1 ROM for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ:

  • “Stopped” System UI (appears unlimited pop up) when trying to change profile photo on notification drawer. So if you want to try this (change profile photo on notification drawer), make sure you know the way to fallback to escape from such that situation.
  • White text on white background on some little part of Settings menu.

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