Install Open Source PHH SuperUser App to Your Android Device (Rooting or Replace Existing Root Binary)

Indotechboy — Supersu or Superuser is a root management application where every Android application which demand for root access must have a permission from supersu app. Root feature is too powerfull, so we must have some of a method to controll it, and it is answered by supersu application. On modern rooting method today, usually a root binary or rooting method is come with its own supersu app as a one package.

Choosing the right supersu app is a very important job to decide. And now, I will share about a good compatibility and open source supersu application for Android device, it is PHH SuperUser app. PHH SuperUser is actually based on another open source supersu app project, “Superuser by ClockworkMod”.

PHH SuperUser is created for a better compatibility range of Android versions. Some user even reported that PHH SuperUser is even work with Magisk systemless mod and Android Pay. And most off all, I like the ClockworkMod Superuser root app because it is open sourced, but it is not work to root my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone when I tried it. Maybe it is because ClockworkMod SuperUser is not updated for almost two years 😂 .

The ownership transfers of Chainfire SuperSu to “shady corporation” CCMT

Before I started to know PHH SuperUser, actually SuperSu by Chainfire is my main preference. But lately, Chainfire was make a decision to transfer the ownership of SuperSu to a relatively unknown company who called themself Coding Code Mobile Technology (CCMT). Bad rumors has spreading around Android communities talking about the integrity of SuperSu new owner, Coding Code. Because many folks on Android community never heard of such a company name before, and the trust of users to SuperSu is likely going down little by little as why Coding Code not “showing their face” yet introduce themself to the Android community.

I’m sorry, but SuperSu and root on Android is not something we must not played with. It is a very powerfull feature that hold your Android device system and most important of all: your privacy, security, and sensitive information like password and login. Rather than gambling my privacy and security, I am prefer just seek another trusted SuperSu / SuperUser and rooting app, and my choice now is the PHH SuperUser as it working good on me and it is open source so every users can analyze how that SuperUser method work and what it does to our Android device.

phh superuser main interface
PHH Superuser main interface


  • Custom recovery installed. TWRP recovery is recommended.
  • PHH SuperUser It is needed to “plant” the root binary on your Android device system (download link at the end of this post).
  • PHH SuperUser.apk. Install it manually, and this will be the SuperSu app where we manage root permission for every applications which demand for root rights (download link at the end of this post or on the Play Store).

Install PHH SuperUser on Your Android device

  1. If this is the first time you are rooting your Android device, then you can just skip this first step and continue to step #2.First thing first, if you are trying to replace your old superuser app with this PHH Superuser, you must unroot your device first (the option is usually exist in the superuser app option), so there will be no root binary code conflict each other later. Or if you are rooted your Android device using systemless root by Chainfire SuperSu before, you must restore your Android device boot img to the original just like before installing it.
  2. Just straight boot your Android device into recovery mode, then install the PHH SuperUser flashable zip file. Wait untill done, and reboot your device.
  3. After reboot, install the PHH SuperUser.apk. Done! Now the root function and management of PHH SuperUser is ready to rock.

PHH Superuser download link

📲 PHH SuperUser (3.7 MB)
Alternative link: Sendit

📲 PHH SuperUser.apk (984 kB)
Alternative link: Sendit

Read more on the official thread of PHH Superuser on XDA Forum.

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