ClockworkMod (CWM) Custom Recovery for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Indotechboy — Hello guys! Now here it is the first ever custom recovery created for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone (I think?), CWM or ClockworkMod recovery for vivalto3gvn a.k.a. Samsung Galaxy V.

Don’t praised me first, because this CWM recovery is not created by me 😀  , but it was created by a developer from Indonesia whose have his nickname cleverior.ipul. You can search about him on the XDA Forum. So, all hail to him.

And in addition, this CWM custom recovery has been ported into a .img recovery file, it means you can install it directly from your Samsung Galaxy V Android phone without need of a PC using Flashify Android app.

Installing CWM custom recovery without a PC is actually based on my own experience where I didn’t have my own PC at that time, so I was searching and searching tutorials and info how to be able to mod my Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone without need an existence of a computer / PC.

Sample CWM recovery

So here are the steps to install ClockWorkMod a.k.a CWM custom recovery without PC on your Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone…


  • Rooted.
  • Flashify Android app installed.
  • Make sure you know how to fix if something bad happen (reinstalling your Samsung Galaxy V Android phone stock firmware, I mean 😀 )
  • CWM recovery.img file for Samsung Galaxy V vivalto3gvn (download link at the end of this post).

How to install CWM (ClockworkMod) custom recovery for Samsung Galaxy V without PC / computer

  1. Open Flashify Android app.
  2. First, we might want to backup our current recovery first, choose “BACKUP / RESTORE” tab -> Choose “Backup current recovery” -> “BACK IT UP!”.
  3. Now, back to “FLASH” tab. Choose “Recovery image” -> “Choose a file”.
  4. Locate where you saved the CWM vivalto .img recovery file, and choose it -> “YUP!”. Reboot your Android device (or may reboot automatically).

CWM recovery image Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ download link


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