How to Install Custom Recovery for Your Android Device

Indotechboy — Custom recovery is a very important and must have feature on every Android device I think. The lack function given in the stock recovery from the Android device manufacturer, made many third party developers create a nice and full features of custom recovery mode for Android devices.

For you who still unfamiliar with what is recovery mode is on Android, it is a “hidden” feature on Android devices, basically functioned as the “tool” used to patch system update like kernel, some minor bug fix, or even to updating the Android version by the device manufacturer to the Android device.

But in custom recovery there will be a lot features added by the developers and very useful like full backup and restore, file manager, installing a non signed zip like custom ROM, touch support, etc.

There are some custom recoveries available out there, but three of most popular is ClockworkMod (CWM), Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), and Philz Recovery. “What recovery should I choose?” Well, I think the developer is not very important, but the functionable. So just grab any updated custom recovery that available for your Android device. But if you ask me about my custom recovery preference, I will sort it to should be: TWRP, then CWM, then Philz Recovery.

To enter recovery mode on your Android device is very depend on what device used, because every device manufacturer may have different keys combination. Example on Samsung device, to put your Samsung Android device to recovery mode is usually will be: Turn off device, then press VOLUME UP + POWER + HOME buttons simultaneously and hold it for some seconds, and quickly release them when the device is vibrate. Then use VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons to navigate up and down, and HOME or POWER button as confirmation button.

So to know how to put your own Android device model to recovery mode, you should read the device manual or got to ask someone who already expert to do it on forums or websites.

But now I will only show you how to installing a custom recovery for Android device without PC, it is by using Flashify Android app. Because I never tried it yet to install a custom recovery to my Android device using PC or computer method, but I will share it too here if I’m already did it someday 😀 .


  • Rooted.
  • Flashify Android app.
  • A .img custom recovery file (if it is manual method).
  • Make sure you know how to fix your device if something wrong happen (reinstall your device stock firmware, I mean).

[Auto] Steps to install custom recovery for Android device through Flashify app recovery downloader

Well using Flashify recovery downloader to install custom recovery is fairly easy. But keep in mind Flashify is may only will support some official custom recovery. So, say if you are using a non popular Android smartphone device it will seems likely you won’t find the right custom recovery for your Android device model.


  • Open Flashify Android app.
  • First, we might want to backup our current recovery first, choose “BACKUP / RESTORE” tab -> Choose “Backup current recovery” -> “BACK IT UP!”.
  • Now, back to “FLASH” tab. Choose “Recovery image”.
  • Choose one of three custom recovery “brand” from CWM, TWRP, or Philz Recovery.
  • Choose the right custom recovery for your Android device model.

[Manual] Steps to install custom recovery for Android device manually using Flashify app

Just like my first time installing my first custom recovery on my Android phone, I must install it manually because my Samsung Galaxy V is one of non popular smartphone. But in order to able to be installed using Flashify app, the recovery file must be ported into a .img file.

So, Where I could get recovery image file for my Android device model?” The best way is to join where your same Android device model users is gathered of course. It may be on Facebook group, some blogs like mine here 😀 , or the best place of mobile developers and modders entusiast playground: XDA Forums.


  • Open Flashify Android app.
  • Choose “Recovery image” -> “Choose a file”.
  • Locate where you saved the .img recovery file, and choose it -> “YUP!”.
  • Reboot your Android device (or may reboot automatically). See the step-to-step screenshots below on how installing a custom recovery using Flashify manual method.

The manual installation of custom recovery process via flashify app image screenshot in sequences:

Step 2 install manual
Step 3 install manual
Step 4 install manual
Step 5 install manual

Allright, now your Android device is custom recovery ready. Now you are ready to go to rock and roll by installing mods, UI (User Interface) mod, tweaks, custom ROM, full backup your Android device contents, and many more! Possibilities is infinite with a custom recovery installed on your Android device.

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