Root Dashi APK Android Application Download – Easy Android Rooting Without PC wth Just One Click

Indotechboy – One more great application made for Rooting your Android device without PC from another Chinese developer, Root Dashi (APK). This application’s got what it takes to root Android phone or device without a computer, as easy as one touch process (internet connection is needed to use Root Dashi APK app).

Root Dashi Android app iconBecause for me, what is the meaning to have an Android phone without root access, it would be like a soup without salt 😀.

On the previous post, I have also have shared how to do similar tutorials to root our Android device without PC with the help of 360 Super Root app. So if 360 Super Root did not work for you, you may want to try this Root Dashi APK, or vice versa.

Steps to one tap rooting Android device using Root Dashi APK (tested on Samsung Galaxy V Android Kitkat 4.4.2)

  1. Download and install Root Dashi APK Android application (You can get it on the download link section at the end of this post).
  2. Turn on your internet connection, and open the installed Root Dashi APK Android app.All we need to do is just tap the blue button with “Root” text to start the rooting process of our Android device.Root Dashi click blue button start(Tap the blue button to start the rooting process)
  3. Root process is ongoing. Wait for the progress reach 100%, and Done!Root Dashi rooting android on progress(Rooting process is ongoing)

    Root Dashi root Android success(Root process is succes)

    Note: When the rooting process is ongoing, you may will notice that Root Dashi is trying to download an application by itself, but I also don’t know what for the application is.

    So I mean if you are not a Chinese speaker too like me and also don’t know what is that application, just ignore it and don’t install it, then back to Root Dashi app (the ongoing rooting process). I did not install the “auto downloaded” application too, but everything seems fine and working normally on my Android phone at that time.

  4. If the rooting process is failed on your Android device, then you will see a red alien, haha (if I’m not wrong). Just try to repeat the root process if you want, because me myself is succeed to root my Android phone using this Root Dashi APK app on my second trial.But if you always failed, example you already tried for more than five time but it always failed, then maybe this Root Dashi Android app is not suitable yet for rooting your Android device phone model or its Android version.
  5. If the root process was successful, then it will automatically appear “King Root” app shortcut on your launcher that functioned as the applications superuser rights management. This time no need to confuse to use it for non-Chinese because unlike the Root Dashi user interface, the King Root user interface has already supported for multi language including English.King Root superuser after Root Dashi success(King Root application that act as root access or superuser permission management)

Root Dashi APK Android application download link & version history

📲 ROOT DASHI v. 5.1.6.apk (+- 8.3 MB)

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