"Your device – your privacy." It is your device after all, so it is made only for your :D . But sometimes maybe you have annoying friend who always snoop onto your device / phone. And how if these annoying people who always snoop on your device then open your Galley or media player program / software without your permission and saw your private pictures or videos?

On this post we will learn how to hide images and videos using the most simple method so they won't appear when the gallery or media player is opened. Not only useful for hide your private images, but this tutorial is also helpful to make your Gallery and media player stay neat and clean.

This kind of thing where unwanted images appears on Gallery is often happen on my Android phone. When I am installing an Android app or game, the app or game then will distribute it's data like images, video, or even advertisement cache by created a folder in internal storage. As a result, my gallery is looked like a mess.

Or for example if you have a hobby collecting and creating funny memes pictures, the "Yaoming face" and his friend "troll" will appear in your Gallery and displayed alongside the pictures with your family :D .

gallery app cyanogenmod 13 rom android

Now, if you want to prevent unwanted images or videos to be displayed on your gallery or your media player, now I think this is the simplest method. It is can be done by make use of the magic character, and the magic character is "." :D .

Steps how to easily hide unwanted images and videos from your gallery or media player program / app

First option: creating .nomedia file

  1. Open your best file manager app. Note that your default (stock) file manager is usually suck :p (except on Windows, Windows Explorer).
  2. Then go to the folder where the unwanted images or videos reside.
  3. Then in that folder / directory, make a file named ".nomedia" (without quotation). Note that some file manager app like stock file manager in Samsung phone maybe can not make a file with "." symbol as prefix (like I said earlier, stock file manager is suck :D ).

    make a .nomedia file android file manager
  4. If you having a hard time using Windows File Explorer in creating .nomedia file, go to "View" setting in Windows File Explorer, then check the "File name extensions" option. Now you can rename any files as you want, even to removing the file extension. Create any file, then rename it to .nomedia.
  5. Done. Restart or reboot your device.

Second option: add "." character as folder name prefix

  1. Search the folder of the unwanted images or video.
  2. Then, just rename that folder with "." (without quotation). Example: from "MyVideo" to ".MyVideo"

Missing your files or the folder? Don't panic. If it become missing after, go to your File Manager option / preference, then enable the "Show hidden item" option. Hope this tutorial is useful to make your Gallery or media player stay clean and neat :D .