Indotechboy — Now here it is one of best of the best Android app on the "Android underworld", it is Titanium Backup (APK). Yeah, a casual user of Android will not recognize this one app because the functions this app created for.

Titanium Backup Android application icon There are dozens of functions we can find inside Titanium Backup Android app. However, our star's feature here is: the best Android application backup app. Only advanced user of Android will familiar with Titanium Backup app. Not to mention we need a rooted Android device to use all of advanced features packed in it.

On the older post, I had shared about How to Backup Android Phone Applications and Games + Data using Helium APK. But I was not satisfied with Helium because it is sometimes fail to work perfectly (apart from if Helium has been updated now).

Not only known as Android application Backup app, but Titanium Backup is also been known as "the ultimate root app". The main feature is we can backup our installed Android application & game APK with whole of the data directly to phone storage or external SD card. It is very good especially if your phone does not have backup feature (I read there is some Sony phones which disabled backup feature).

"Hey, does backup Application is one of standard feature in Google Service which exist on the Android phone?" That's right, but it need to upload the application's data to the Google server which will cost you time, energy (battery), and even money if you use it through mobile network. And moreover, if you uninstall the Android application or game then you need to re-download it first from Play Store before you can restore the Android application data.

Titanium Backup APK Android application can backup every Android application and game directly to phone storage or external SD card. We can change where the backup should be saved in the preferences. The advantage, that Titanium Backup also will backup the .apk file of the Android app or game. So we can restore the backed up Android application or game exactly just like when we backed it up from save data, setting, even to the smallest part will be backed up.

Titanium backup android application main interface

Titanium backup android application game list

Titanium Backup Android application info

app titleTitanium Backup
developerTitanium track
categoryTool, Root.
system requirementsAndroid 1.5 and higher, rooted.
tested onAndroid phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Titanium Backup APK Android application features

Just like I said above, backup Android application and game is just the main feature of Titanium Backup APK. There are dozens other features from this Android application like:

  • Uninstall bloatware (system application)
  • If we have updating an Android Application or game and we had backed up the older version, we can downgrade the application.
  • Backup and restore phone important data like browser bookmarks, phone, sms, etc to and from a .xml file.
  • Integrate system application update to ROM so it can conserve more free storage in your phone.
  • Extract and restore application from a nandroid backup.
  • And many more...

Of course all that flashy features need a present of "Mr. ROOT" 😀 on your Android device. And also some additional features can be unlocked by purchase the Titanium Backup Pro addon on the Play Store.

Titanium Backup Android app update change log

v. 8.2.0 (07/10/2018)
  • Updated target SDK version.
  • Fixed changelog display.
  • Major translation updates.

v. 8.0.2 (30/06/2017)
  • [PRO] Added support for syncing backups to/from very large Dropbox folders (over 2,000 files
  • [PRO] Minor improvement in Dropbox upload code.
  • Updated translations.

Titanium Backup APK Android application download link

Titanium Backup Android application is available for free on Play Store. Rate it and give it nice comment if you think the app is useful.