Indotechboy — Hello all, now I'm back with another post about wireless Bluetooth gamepad controller, this time the device name is X3 Bluetooth gamepad. "What the hell with that name?". Yeah it's all written in the packaging box, so what I should write ? 😐 😀

Actually I had another Bluetooth gamepad, it is the Ipega PG-9021. But my IPEGA PG-9021 was broken because I was accidentally fell it to ground from the 5th floor of a hotel :v . So I found this X3 bluetooth gamepad controller sold online and I choose because it is the cheapest one :v .

When I bought it, the X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller was sold for ± Rp. 100000 or around US $7. Way cheaper almost one third time to the PG-9021 price when I was bought it last year.

From my analysis (oh yeah 🤪 ), the reason why X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller is cheap because it is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured). This also will explain why it doesn't a have brand name then.

To which device X3 Bluetooth gamepad "OEM-ing" to? I found there are another Bluetooth gamepad called "Terios T3" which has identical appearance and design. So I think that's it, X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller is an OEM to the Terios T3.

But despite all of that, I also like the X3 Bluetooth gamepad design because it has similar buttons layout to the PS2 (Playstation 2) controller which is my childhood gaming console. The left analog parallel with the right analog, and the D-pad is parallel with the four main buttons. Yeah, that's how a gamepad should be designed :v

X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller appearance
X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller front view and usb cable
X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller overview

X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller device specification and information

device name X3 Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad
connection Bluetooth 3.0, USB (need to be tested), BM-703 mini wireless receiver (need to be tested)
compatibility Android OS, iOS, Windows, MIMU TV Box, MIMU TV.
battery 350 mAh, Up to 6 hours operation.
tested on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ.
Windows tablet: Advan Vanbook W80

I have tested X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller on my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone to play Pocket Rally Lite game and it run smoothly. There also no issues when I was run DraStic NDS (Nintendo DS) emulator using this Bluetooth gamepad.

PPSSPP PSP emulator can also be played without additional button remapping needed when I was used the X3 Bluetooth gamepad on my Windows tablet running the PPSSPP for Windows PSP emulator.

X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller connection mode list

Mode Buttons combination Compatibility Explanation
Gamepad X + HOME Android, Windows Connect to to your Android or Windows device in native gamepad function.
iOS 3rd party mode Y + HOME iOS Connect to your iOS device in 3rd party operating system mode.
iCade mode B + HOME iOS Conect to your iOS device in iCade mode to play iCade supported games and apps.
Multimedia / mouse After the connection has been established using one of the modes above, press the "HOME" button to switch between the mode and the multimedia / mouse mode. Use the X3 Bluetooth gamepad as a mouse and multimedia controller over your device.

When the connection between X3 Bluetooth gamepad and your device has been established, you can press the "HOME" button to switch between the connection mode and the mouse / multimedia mode (the light will be switched to another side.).

And when the X3 Bluetooth gamepad is in the mouse / multimedia mode, the buttons functionalities changes to:

  • D-PAD: Scrolling
  • LEFT ANALOGUE: Mouse (fast)
  • RIGHT ANALOGUE: Mouse (slow)
  • L2 and R2: Play/pause
  • L1: Left click
  • R1: Right click
  • SELECT: Backspace
  • START: Home button
  • Y: Vol+
  • A: VOl-
  • X: Previous
  • B: Next

X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller will also remember the last device its connected to. Example if you had connected the X3 gamepad to your Android device using gamepad mode before, when you are about to reconnecting it again all you need is just long press the HOME button until the light on, and it will connect automatically.

X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller review

The X3 Bluetooth gamepad running very well with no problem at all when I was tested it on my Android phone and Windows tablet.

The holder / bracket for holding your smartphone come as a separable unit. It is a little bit hard at first to set the holder / bracket to the X3 gamepad. I think the holder / bracket is support for device from 3 — 6 inches.

Overall for me, as the cheapest Bluetooth gamepad controller I found on the market when I bought it, X3 Bluetooth gamepad controller is not disappoint me.

X3 Bluetooth Gamepad Controller unboxing, setup, and demo video: