Userscloud Review: Free Unlimited File Hosting that Pay You

Looking for a file hosting or cloud storage to share our files over the internet is never been easier nowadays. But a free file hosting with unlimited space and various uploading methods is such a rare gem these days, not to mention the domination of market-popular cloud storage service brands like Google Drive and MEGA. And, is one of the rare gem.

Userscloud homepage

Userscloud is a free file hosting service offering unlimited features. Userscloud started to gaining popularity since the launched of Usercloud 2.5 2 years ago. Userscloud also one of cloud storage or file hosting service offered the members to gain additional income through pay-per-download, referral, or sales affiliate.

Actually gaining money from Userscloud is not the first thing that made me choose this service as my primary file hosting, but I rather attracted more by the “never expired” file policy Userscloud offers, even for free members. Userscloud’s various uploading methods like upload via FTP and even direct URL is also something that other file hosting services rarely provide. Unlimited and never expired

Userscloud user interface has a simple and minimalize look, it’s also easy to access it on mobile device. But the best thing in Userscloud is: everything unlimited! There is no file size restriction when uploading our files to Userscloud and the files will never expire* (*read more below).

On few months back Userscloud has no file expiration date policy, files were never expired even if there are no downloads over week or months. They then change the policy to 500 MB file expiration policy, and now Userscloud applying a 50 MB file expiration policy. Files larger than 50 MB stored in Userscloud must have at least one download in one month otherwise it will get deleted.

I think it will be though for a free service to maintain things like Userscloud had on the old days, so I had expected some changes will soon come especially the file expiration policy. But even now, file under 50 MB still will not be deleted even if there are no downloads, unlimited file size and various upload methods, I think the features Userscloud have right now are already outstanding for a 0 cost cloud storage service.

If you feel you need more power over your files, Userscloud also provide premium plan you can choose from. At the premium plan, we can get the true unlimited features of cloud storage in Userscloud like file never expired, unlimited download speed, disable advertisement, and many more.

Usercloud Premium plan are divided into two plans, it is Premium and Storage plan. We can compare Userscloud features for different plans from the table below:

Free Premium Storage
$0 $4.99/year Start from $5/month per Terabytes (1000 GB)
Unlimited storage Unlimited storage >= 1000 GB
File >50 MB expire after 30 days no download File >50 MB expire after 90 days no download File never expires
Unspecified bandwith 200 GB/day bandwith 100 GB/day bandwith
Limited download speed Fast download speed Fast download speed
Ads No ads No ads

Earn additional income on Userscloud

Userscloud affiliate rates

Userscloud still maintaining the pay-per-download system ’till now. It means we can earn money if there are other people downloaded our files. The income rate we get depend on the country origin whose downloaded it, with pretty much visitors from superpower countries like United States get the highest pay per download rate (up to $5/1000 download).

Besides pay per download, we also can gain money in Userscloud by other ways like referral and share when someone buy premium plans through our referral link.

Here is the payment proof I get from userscloud at one of my blog:

Userscloud payment proof

We can cashout our income in Userscloud started from $5 using various payment methods like Wire transfer, Payoneer, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc.

On the screenshot above I received the payment only the half because that’s Userscloud policy where we only get half of the payment if most of the visitors who downloaded the files are using proxy browsers. Example of proxy browsers are Opera Mini and UC Mini.

Allright, that’s all I can say about Userscloud, the free, unlimited file hosting that pay you. If you feel ready to use userscloud as your file hosting, then you can sign up for free account at Userscloud. Happy file sharing!

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