WBWXTB [v. 1.5] – Advanced Blog Template for Xtgem Sites

Indotechboy — Hello guys. It’s been four years since I entered the world of Wapmaster and Blogging. And now here I am today to share you my first publication template, it is for Xtgem site and I am named it “WBWXTB”.

As we know, Xtgem the free mobile site builder service has many interesting modules and one of them is Blog module or dubbed “xtblog”. Xtblog has a template customization feature using TWIG templating.

WBWXTB is a template project to bringing and Advanced Xtgem blog template. There are custom features I have added to the Blog function like related posts, tags with post count, auto generated meta description and meta open graph (og), etc.

While WBWXTB has many features added to your xtblog, I decided to keep the Xtgem’s original CSS classes so it will not conflict with Xtgem features such as navigation block and Xtgem’s templates preset.

WBWXTB screenshot responsive showcase
Live demo and documentation: WBWXTB.XTGEM.COM

WBWXTB Xtgem Blog (xtblog) template features


  • Xtgem’s Original HTML and CSS structure, compatible with Xtgem’s preset templates and features.
  • Xtblog TWIG template file splitted into 13 parts based on each block names (Easier to customize).
  • More complete HTML attributes.
  • 2 Column layout.
  • Mobile first – Responsive
  • Admin bar, full info read XtQAdminBar – A Quick admin bar for your xtgem blog.
  • Related Posts widget
  • Theme selector with Xtgem’s preset templates CSS.
  • SEO Optimized:
    • Auto generated meta description on each posts.
    • Noindex on tag and search page to avoid duplicated contents.
    • valid structured data | Check.
  • Auto post count on sidebar tags.
  • Fast loading, B Grade (>80) at Pingdom website speed test | Check
  • Auto generated Open Graph meta (meta:og) for social media and Facebook snippeting on each posts | Check
  • Sitemap generator page. One click step to generate .gz compressed sitemap file of your blog posts. Access it on “/admin” page.

What’s changed compared to xtblog default twig template

  • Applying patch from to disabling <img> tag in comments
  • Fixed entry heading to <h1> for SEO, It means you should not use any other <h1>
  • Added HTML 5 semantic elements structure
  • Prettier post URL
  • Adapted font size for larger screen

New features in the queue list

These features below is already sticking in my head and planned to be added in the future update of WBWXTB template when I have the time:

  • structured data (v. 1.5)
  • Sitemap generators page (v. 1.5)
  • Latest posts widget (v. 1.5)
  • Random posts widget (v. 1.5)
  • In-article Ad widget.
  • Comments using Facebook comment plugin or Discuss.

WBWXTB Update Changelogs

  • v. 1.5
    • Optimized some codes
    • What’s new:

    • Added sitemap generator page (Access it on: “/admin” page)
    • Added structured data
    • Added recent posts widget
    • Added Random posts widget
    • Added loading animation while waiting scripts fully finished work.

Because the URL (removing the “__xtblog_block_id” parameter) hack to generate automatic meta tags and for have a prettier URLs, we can only use one Blog function in one page. Adding more than one Blog function in one page at your Xtgem site will give unexpected results.

WBWXTB – Advanced Blog template for Xtgem sites download link

The instruction to setup WBWBXTB template on your Xtgem site is included inside the file. Well, it’s easy all you need to do just extract the zip, and upload the files inside “UPLOAD” folder to your Xtgem site.

Creative Commons License
WBWXTB by SiDar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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