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Domain Tricks and Tutorial on Xtgem

@Daryadi Sarumpaet
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Allright, on the previous post I had made a tutorial how to use your own custom domain on xtgem and also mentioned that your original xtgem subdomain are not have 301 redirect to your parked domain. Now on this post, we will try to workaround the parked domain redirection on xtgem so that visitors...
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Setting Up Custom Domain on Xtgem Site

@Daryadi Sarumpaet
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Still using xtgem subdomain on your xtgem site? Well, xtgem provide a lot (+10) subdomains users can register. But if you want your xtgem site to looks more proffesional, you may want to consider using a custom paid domain instead on your xtgem site.Xtgem allow us to park up to 3 different domains...
If you are quite familiar with server side scripting like PHP you might know about GET function right? GET function will take the parameter passed in the URL via the GET method or visible parameters in URL. Xtgem also has a built in GET variable that can be easily used to take parameter value passed...
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Global "Auto Contents" Variable on Xtgem

@Daryadi Sarumpaet
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Are you just starting your journey as a wapmaster/blogger on xtgem? Then you might want to know all features xtgem has, one of them is the auto content or global include files. What is auto contents on xtgem? Auto contents is the files (or pages) that will be automatically included in every pages o...
As a Blogger, we of course want that our Blog has many visitors. And of course we want our visitors to feel enjoy and stay as long as possible in our Blog. One of widget that can increase visitors spend time on our Blog is the Random Posts. Usually random post widget can be placed on our Blog sideb...
One of function provided by XTgem, the free mobile site creator service is Blog function. Blog function in Xtgem can be used to publish article in your Xtgem site. You even have an RSS feed for every blog created in your Xtgem site. To add a Blog function in your Xtgem site, enter the file brow...