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Related Posts Script for Xtgem Blog (xtblog)

@Daryadi Sarumpaet
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Related posts is one of pretty important section in a Blog. After visitor has finished reading the article, they can be engaged to stay longer in our Blog by providing similar articles after the post. And for xt blog or xtgem blog, we can easily add a related posts widget using some Javascript. U...
Allright, still talking about xtgem especially xtgem blog or xtblog. Now I will share a script that will make a reactions widget on your blog on xtgem site so that after visitor finished reading your article, they can leave reactions whether they like or not to our post. By using a reactions widg...
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Random Posts Script for Xtgem Blog (xtblog)

@Daryadi Sarumpaet
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As a Blogger, we of course want that our Blog has many visitors. And of course we want our visitors to feel enjoy and stay as long as possible in our Blog. One of widget that can increase visitors spend time on our Blog is the Random Posts. Usually random post widget can be placed on our Blog sideb...
Using Xtgem service to build a site? I think Xtgem is became the best wapsite builder service and stand ahead of the other services. Not only build a simple site, but Xtgem with its advanced features allow us to build a complex site using the features provided, and one of them is Blog function or Xt...